The Whole Shebang

whole shebang: (idiomatic) Everything; the entire thing. As in:
“The festival had balloons, flowers, fireworks, performers,
and the whole shebang.” — from Wiktionary
The Whole Shebang
Transforming Events through Art and Performance
A complete, spectacular entertainment package for events and festivals, with performances to entertain an audience or a crowd of onlookers, in combination with a coordinated team of our face painters to transform them. Stage presentations feature our signature show: Christopher Agostino’s StoryFaces — in which the world comes to life on the faces of the audience — plus Magic and Mind Reading Shows, Circus Arts entertainers and Musicians. We play world music through our sound system to add to the exotic atmosphere and talk to the crowd and tell stories, engaging the participants in the whole experience of being transformed and truly making the day a memorable adventure.
Theme Designed Spectaculars
Our company’s endlessly creative approach to face and body painting makes it possible for us to bring any theme to life, supported by appropriate stage presentations.
For the press event to launch Target’s Read Across America initiative in 2011, produced by David Stark Design, our Bodacious Book Show took the stage, with Bob Bookmark as the MC for a line-up of celebrity readers, while 14 of our face painters transformed the audience into the fantastic characters from Dr. Seuss, the logo images of Read Across America.
For The Nature Conservancy 2005 Long Island Beach Festival, Christopher created “Fish Tales”, a 3 hour stage presentation of sea life stories and marine biology performed for the crowd while our artists turned hundreds of adults and children into a myriad of sea creatures.
Bodies Alive! In 2008, our company conceived and produced a special performance for the Face and Body Art International Convention to showcase the talent of the participating world-class artists, painting 40 models and the Nao Dance Company. See the videos.
For the opening of the Bronx Zoo Butterfly Exhibit in 2001, Agostino Arts created a site specific performance using puppetry and story-theatre, presenting both the science of the butterfly’s act of transformation and the inspiration it has engendered in art and folklore.
The Ultimate Transformation Experience Before CaVe Walls... the story on our skin
Christopher Agostino’s dynamic presentation on the origins and significance of masks and body art is the perfect accompaniment to a team of our face painters, elevating each participant’s experience of being transformed by connecting them to the story behind the faces. Face and body painting are timeless arts practised by cultures around the world. We bring these arts into a modern context, inspired by the traditions and imagery from world cultures — this is the art of transformation.

The whole Before Cave Walls... shebang can include fully painted bodies as live performance art installations, featuring “Is this the First Story?”, a BodyStories performance based in 15,000 year old cave paintings.