GOTCHA! - DON'T BE FOOLED: Consumer Education School Assembly Program; The show kids really need to see! The show we had to make!
We are parents, and we have seen how much pressure is put on our kids to spend their money (and ours) by everything from misleading advertising and internet scams to carnival games and con artists. So we commissioned a new type of school assembly program to give young consumers the knowledge and tools to avoid being taken advantage of.
Including real world examples of how young consumers can be fooled:
  • Internet Safety
    • — ebay scams & protecting personal information
  • Street Cons & Carnival Games
    • — 3 Card Monti, Fake Psychics, Rigged Games
  • Buyer Beware
    • — misleading advertising & tricky words
  • Fast Foods/Junk Foods
    • — labeling that tries to fool you
A Great Show for Middle Schools and High Schools!
Some schools have GOTCHA! return every year as an annual assembly for the 6th grade, so that every student in the district can learn these important lessons as they progress through Middle School.

GOTCHA! is a wonderful program we are proud to support.”
— Assistant Principal, Islip Middle School
The program provides essential life skills for the young consumer in a product driven world.”
— Teacher, Ardsley Middle School

Plus a special version for grades K - 5