Events and Festivals

Face Painting - for Festivals and Large Events
Our company was developed for large events, with a fast technique to paint as many people as possible and a bold, colorful style to have the maximum impact with each face we paint. We have built a dedicated team of artists with the experience, skill and logistics to handle any size event.
Amazingly Fast — 3 minutes per face

Sophisticated Designs — adults, teens and kids all get painted

At a Transformations event every face is different,
every face is a creative work of art,
it is as exciting to watch as to be painted.
Thank you for another job well done. Your team was amazing and I think the family zone was the biggest hit onsite. We love working with you and look forward to working together again soon.”
— Ashley Noor, Eventage
Thank you for the wonderful work at the Parrish. The faces were amazing; I heard rave reviews throughout the event.”
— Jennifer Duque, Parrish Art Museum
Your artists were a great success, children and adults all loved their work. They added a great element to the event.”
— Jhada Productions, Harry Potter premiere 2011