Demonstrations / Classes

Demonstrations and Classes
Classes, face and body painting demonstrations, and presentations on the traditions and cultural significance of masks and body art are available for educational settings, conventions, events and makeup shows.

A variety of programs are available, including beginner and advanced classes for face and body painters; arts-in-education programs for schools at all grade levels; programs for theatre students on the use of makeup and masks in world theatre; programs on mask design and traditions for art students; plus live performance art demonstrations and entertaining presentations for the general public on this art of transformation.

As the director of the premier company of professional face painters in the New York area, Christopher Agostino has been teaching artists and elevating the public understanding of this art for 30 years.

To learn more about the art of transformation, our first recommendation is Christopher’s Book and Book List. See also his Blog and Articles for information on current trends and cultural origins.
Christopher Agostino
Appearances for Kryolan Professional Makeup
Kryolan Professional Makeup is the publisher of my book and sponsors many of my appearances at conventions and makeup shows. I came by this relationship honestly, as Kryolan’s Aquacolors have been my preferred makeup throughout my career for the brilliance of their colors and the flexibility they offer in techniques and effects. Being a Kryolan sponsored artist has afforded me many opportunities to teach — including classes on how to use Kryolan’s UV, Metallic and Interferenze makeups — and to create fine art body paintings at conventions and makeup shows.