David Levitan

The World Of Magic with David Levitan; Magic. Juggling. Comedy
Fun Shows for Schools and Family Audiences
What makes David Levitan so special is the playful way in which he makes the whole audience feel like they are part of the show. With younger kids in grade schools and parties, David gets them to join him in a magical adventure in which they are doing the magic and he is as surprised by the tricks as they are. While for older kids he presents a solid magic act with Mind Reading and Card Tricks that truly amaze. Altogether this makes him the perfect performer for the whole family in any setting, whether for Family Fun Nights at schools, private parties or any family event.
His show was nothing less than hilarious. The children were screaming with laughter, the adults not far behind... To anyone considering booking David, I can only say that I have rarely seen an audience so happy.”
— Jane Beller, Croton Free Library
This was the 3rd time we’ve had this program and it is better each year. David is very professional.”
— George Washington Elementary
David Levitan - Mentalist
Amazing Mind Reading Shows for Adults
David Levitan knows what you are thinking.
While looking in your eyes he senses your favorite places, special moments and happy memories. He reveals names of your friends, pets and family members. David is an incredible performer, and in his very entertaining Mind Reading show for adults, his predictions and premonitions are always upbeat, fun and on target. Your audience is guaranteed an amazing experience that will surprise them again and again while they are laughing, clapping and wondering “how does he do it?”!